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Unlike Before was founded by Deanne Earle in 2004 and is based on the principal that change doesn't have to be difficult.
Many companies forget the impact a project has on their people; they forget that people, along with process and technology, must transition from today's way of working to tomorrow's business as usual. Deanne's involvement helps them deliver better projects and higher value business outcomes. When companies leave transition to chance, they are not able to deliver fully on the business case ROI as the level of experience, willingness and involvement needed to do so aren't there.
So, Deanne acts as an enabler for companies to deliver their projects while developing their people; an enabler that increases the visibility of the change required, identifies and accelerates the effort needed, and, above all, ensures their projects remain relevant against core strategic and business drivers.
With over 20 years of global experience managing, leading and delivering business technology projects and the changes they bring, Deanne is a published author, founding member of The Glass Breakers global women's network, and sought after by companies around the globe.

An ex-pat New Zelander, Deanne spent a number of years in the UK before settling in North West Italy. She works with clients on-site and virtually regardless of their location. She has successfully delivered services in this way for clients in the UK, Europe, New Zealand, Canada, the US, Mexico, Israel, and on large global IT projects encompassing diverse multi-cultural multi-lingual project teams spread across continents and timezones. 

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