Are Methodologies Failing Your Projects?
When managing projects many companies rely solely on methodologies to guarantee results. While they provide a foundation it's ultimately experience that delivers sound business driven outcomes.
If IT projects are to be embraced as business as usual operations the organisation must go through a transition process. But this cannot be random while still expecting great results. Some logical and proven principles need to be consistently applied.
To support this I’ve recently taken the time to create a free Whitepaper that details the principles of successful IT project delivery and transition.
Time is money and I don’t like wasting either, especially my clients'. You’re visiting this page and reading this text because you’re trying to deliver business benefits through quality projects. To do that you need knowledge that goes beyond a methodology. My Whitepaper has this knowledge; knowledge I don't normally share outside a customer project but am glad I have.
This Whitepaper is freely available. So, if your current processes are not working as well as you need them to or just not delivering the results you’d expect, then this Whitepaper "Principles for Intelligent Transition" will work for you.
The key to achieving success is in your hands; reap the benefits by applying these principles.